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S-228 drop forged rivetless chain

S-228 drop forged rivetless chain
group name
Power and Free Conveyor Series
Min Order
1 meter
brand name
ZMIE chain
Nearest port for product export
Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuhan
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Acceptable payment methods
T/T, L/C, D/P D/A
update time
Fri, 12 May 2023 17:39:08 GMT


  • forged chain pitch 2

  • forged chain process forging

  • forged chain material alloy steel

  • forged chain assembly toolless

  • forged chain surface treatment shot peening

  • forged chain color natural,yellow Zinc plated,white Zinc plated

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 meter


S-228 Rivetless Chain With Drop Forged Center Link
1.Find Forged
2.With or without zinc plating
3.Good quality for USA


S-228 drop forged rivetless chain

Bar Loop Chain

Product parameter

S228 chain

S228 conveyor chain

S228 chain factory

Rivetless chain is available in the following sizes: X698, X678, X 458 and X348. The larger the chain, the heavier the load it can sustain. Heavy industrial chain applications will likely call for X678 chain, which rides in 6-inch track and can have an ultimate tensile strength in excess of 125,000 pounds. Light overhead conveyor facility may utilize X348 chain, which goes into 4-inch track and typically has an ultimate tensile strength of less than 40,000 pounds.


There are three main components of rivetless drop forged chain: cast steel inner and outer links and heat-treated steel pins. This high strength chain can be found in power and free overhead conveyor, car washes, automotive manufacturing, vertical i beam trolley systems, as well as general and overhead conveying systems. 

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drop forged chain

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What's Your Packing Method?

For our regular products like X348, X458, X678 forged rivetless chain, trolley, attachment packed into plywood case which no need fumigate, for the assembled conveyor chain and forged fork chain with flight packed into pallet,for CC600 casting chain two packing methods are available.

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